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Characteristics of marine lighting system
Mar 12, 2018

The normal lighting system of the ship is also known as the main lighting system, distributing in every life and work place inside and outside the ship, providing the compartments and the work place with sufficient illumination.

The system is characterized by: the main distribution board lighting bus directly to the lighting distribution box power supply, and then by the lighting distribution box to adjacent compartments or areas of the lighting lamps power supply;

The lighting voltage is usually AC, DC, V or V;  

There are different illuminance requirements for different compartments and premises, and all lighting fixtures are equipped with control switches.

Normal lighting is the main body of the whole ship lighting, from the ship's main generator power supply, where the ship life and work of the place should be illuminated.

Normal lighting includes:

(1) Cabin main lighting, such as the majority of the ceiling lamp, (2) partial or auxiliary illumination, such as bed lamp, wall lamp, toilet lamp, etc.

(3) Loading and unloading strong light lighting;

(4) More than half of the indoor and outdoor walkway lighting;      

(5) All compartments must be equipped with sockets. Non-important equipment such as electric fans, refrigerators and cabin electric heaters equal to or less than 0.25 kw may also be included in the normal lighting system.

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