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CONTACTOR Maintenance Method
Mar 13, 2018

Regular or regular inspection of the operation of the contactor, the necessary maintenance is to ensure its reliable operation to extend the life of the important measures.

Check, repair should be disconnected before the power supply, the following steps.

1. Appearance inspection

Remove the dust, cotton cloth can be stained with a small amount of petrol to wipe off oil, and then dry with cloth;

Tighten all the screws of the crimping wire to prevent loose fall off and cause the connection part to heat up.

2. Contact system Check

1 Check whether the static and dynamic contacts are aligned, three-phase is closed at the same time, and adjust the contact spring to make three-phase consistent. 2 the insulation resistance value of the wave and test phase.

Use 500v shaking table, its interphase resistance should not be less than 10 trillion euro. 3 The contact wear thickness of more than 1mm, or serious burn loss, open welding off should replace the new parts. Slight burn loss or contact surface of the creepy, black does not affect the use, can not be treated.

If affect contact, can use small file to grind the light. 4 after repair or replacement of contact points should pay attention to contact open distance, super stroke.

The contact super stroke can affect the end pressure of the contact point.

5 Check the auxiliary contact action is flexible, static contact whether there is loosening or shedding phenomenon, contact open distance and trip to meet the requirements, can be used to measure the contact resistance, and found that contact is not easy to repair, to replace the new contact point.

3, ARC hood overhaul 1 Remove the arc hood, use the brush to clear off the hood or metal particles.

If the arc hood is found to be cracked, it should be replaced in time.

2 for the grid arc-extinguishing cover, should pay attention to whether the grid is complete or burned deformation, serious loose, position changes, if not easy to repair should be replaced.

4, Solenoid coil overhaul

1 The AC CONTACTOR's suction coil should be able to work reliably when the power supply voltage is the 85%-105% of the rated voltage of the coil.

2 Check whether the electromagnetic coil overheating, coil overheating reflected in the outer surface aging, discoloration, coil overheating is generally due to turn short circuit caused by, at this time can be measured its resistance and similar coil comparison, can not repair should be replaced.

3 the lead and rub parts have no open welding or will disconnect the situation. 4 The coil skeleton has no cracks, wear or fixed abnormal situation.

If found should be fixed or replaced early.

5, Iron core overhaul

1 use cotton yarn to rub the end face with gasoline, remove oil or dust;

2 Check each buffer is complete, position is correct;

3 The rivet has no fracture, causes the iron core end surface loose condition; 4 The short-circuit ring has no fall off or break, especially to pay attention to the hidden crack.

If there is a rupture or causing serious noise, should replace the short circuit ring or core; 5 check whether the electromagnet suction is good, there is no dislocation phenomenon.

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