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How to choose LED explosion-proof lamp?
Mar 13, 2018

LED explosion-proof lamps selection, installation, use and maintenance are the protection of LED explosion-proof lamps long-term safe, reliable, efficient work indispensable link, must be given full attention. 1 selection of personnel must understand the basic working principle of LED explosion-proof lamps, familiar with explosion-proof signs. 2 according to the rank of the explosive dangerous place, choose the type of explosion-proof category of the lamp, pattern, grade and temperature group accurately. 3 understand the use of environmental conditions and work requirements, reasonable choice with a variety of functions of LED explosion-proof lamps. For example: Outdoor use of LED explosion-proof lamp shell protection level of at least IP43 above. In the request to distinguish the color of the place, you can not choose high-pressure mercury lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp led explosion-proof lamps, because these two kinds of light color is poor. 4 Read the Product manual, understand the product performance, attention and product limitations, to understand all the products logo content. If the explosion-proof certificate number has "X" symbol, indicating that the lamp has a specific applicable place, should consult the product use instructions and nameplate, clear application site requirements. According to the above 4 points, we should know how led explosion-proof lamp selection.

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