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Introduction to Marine switches
Mar 13, 2018

When the ship is sailing on the sea, because the sea environment is worse, the humidity is bigger, the salt mist corrosion ability is strong, therefore, the ship uses the ship to use the switch request to be relatively high. The marine switch is characterized in that the shell is provided with a connecting tube on the side wall of the shell and connected with the cavity of the shell. The wiring tube is provided with a step and a metal washer, a rubber washer and an interface are arranged in sequence from the step, and the interface is connected with the connecting pipe through a threaded connection, and the shell opening end is provided with a sealing cover, and a sealing ring is arranged between the opening end of the sealing cap The sealing cover and the cavity formed by the shell are provided with a switch assembly and fixed on the sealing cover, and a switch handle is arranged outside the seal lid, and the switch handle is connected with the switch component by opening a hole on the sealing lid.

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