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LED explosion-proof lamp, LED explosion-proof lamp's correct use
Mar 12, 2018

LED explosion-proof lamp, LED explosion-proof lamp's correct use: LED lamp has a long life, maintenance-free characteristics, at the same time there is a small light-emitting angle, light concentration characteristics; If the LED lamp as cast light, spotlights is the ideal choice, but if used as a working lighting, this feature has become the shortcomings of LED lights. The light-emitting angle of LED light source is generally between 100°~120°, this determines the LED lighting will generally be very concentrated, that is what everyone said is very bright; in fact, this is an appearance, but LED lamps in the center of the light is very high, thus giving a very bright feeling; LED lamps are very uneven light , the effective range of irradiation is smaller.

In order to make full use of LED light source of high light efficiency, so that the light is uniform, as work lights, is to turn the light into divergent, soft, in this environment work will not produce a sense of oppression; So in the design of LED explosion-proof lighting, fully consider this point. First, in the premise of not increasing the power, to ensure the illumination of the lighting, to meet the needs of the field work; second, through the design of light, adjust the angle of light, so that light more divergent lighting, illumination more widely; third, through the prism of the lens design, reduce glare. Through these three aspects of design, LED lights can better meet the needs of work lighting. So in the choice of LED lighting must be clear use, if used as a lighting, we must choose a large light-emitting angle, light and soft lighting. For LED explosion-proof lamp, LED explosion-proof lamp's correct use also applies.

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