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Overview of marine LED Lamps
Mar 13, 2018

Ship operation environment is complex, often face severe weather and all kinds of unexpected situation, so the performance of the ship lamp is very high. Compared with previous products, LED marine lamps have the following advantages. First of all, the ship's application environment is very bad, especially the high temperature of the ship's deck threatens the ship's lamp very much. Compared with other lighting fixtures, LED marine lamps have better high temperature tolerance and provide protection for the safety of ship navigation. Second, LED lamp life of up to tens of thousands of hours, more stable operation of security, to avoid the staff every day to troubleshoot with lights trouble, to facilitate the maintenance of ship lights. Again, LED light environmental protection does not contain ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no lead mercury and other harmful substances, at the same time assembly parts disassembly simple, facilitate recovery. In addition, LED lights belong to the cold light source, convenient transportation and installation, no filament and glass shell, shockproof, explosion-proof, strong wind resistance.

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