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Structure and function of strong light searchlight
Mar 12, 2018

Strong light searchlights, simply literally, can be understood as a device that produces directional light sources.

It reverses the light generated by the light to a certain direction (this structure is designed to be the basic requirements of all lamps). The strong light searchlight is composed of a light source and a reflector, which in its front section usually contains one or more optical lenses. Light is gathered into a beam by a reflector (curved mirror or spherical mirror), then controlled by the different position and combination of the optical lens, and then projected out. Searchlights are mainly used in vehicles, construction sites, as well as buildings or large outdoor venues and many other fields. The searchlight is concentrated in a small stereo angle with a mirror or a lens, thus obtaining a larger light intensity lamp.

According to the International Lighting Commission, the searchlight requirement is a projection light of less than 2 ° at the angle of the half peak of the ejection beam (the angle between the maximum light intensity and the 50% maximum light intensity) in a plane through the maximum light intensity. The searchlight is based on the intensity of the light emitted by the beam (according to the distance of illumination), and its breed and function are very diverse.

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