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Advantages Of LED Lighting Fixtures
Mar 13, 2018

Edison was the 38th inventor of the filament lamp, but was the first person to claim that the lighting system was perfect "--Haizi Roland, founder of the LED Haizi law that follows Moore's law of calculation.

What is SSL?

SSL is a prototype transformation in lighting technology. There has been little change in lighting technology since its inception. This conversion is like: oil lamp-light bulb carriage-car, analog-digital conversion.

Advantages of LED Solid-State lighting: 1, efficient energy-saving: As a light source of the LED and traditional light source (ordinary household bulbs can save 9% of the energy) compared to the maximum savings of 90% conversion energy. Because it can directly convert electrical energy into light source. LED is the first time in history 讦 conversion of energy for light, produce a small amount of heat source products. This has far-reaching implications for future energy conservation in the global context. Also, white light-emitting diodes are more energy-efficient than fluorescent light sources (calculated according to watt-lm/w).

In practice, for example: traffic lights, large indicators can make full use of their light energy to better show the power consumption.

2, Long service life: LED's second advantage is its product life, the realization of a revolution in the lighting industry. 3, durable: The filament is not easy to burn, the glass is not easy to break.

LED lighting system from the outset to resolve the earthquake, compared with traditional lighting industry can withstand the test of harsh environment. 4, low temperature: although some lamps, such as: Metal halide lamps, HPS, fluorescent lamps and other low-temperature characteristics, but its performance at low temperatures unsatisfactory. LED Series even in the case of lower than indoor temperature is very capable of performance of base resistance to low-temperature. 5, Digital remote control: With the advent of the digital age, lighting industry and digital technology effective combination becomes increasingly important.

The integration of SSL digital technology with other digital systems is more capable of maximizing its performance. 6, light source control: Because of the small size of the LED, small beam and other characteristics, it is necessary to design an efficient light source control system.

This kind of light source system can effectively control the beam to play a certain function, so as to enhance the energy utilization.

7, low voltage operation: Today's SSL system generally in the Low-voltage DC power operation, so that LE D installation, Operation safety.

8, Voltage conversion: can be effectively realized from the socket current to the safe, low-voltage current conversion.

9, automatic control of the driver: Electronic program automatic control LED

10, Exchange: You can have a computer, PDA and other equipment to communicate with it

1, temperature management: To maintain cooling can effectively play the best performance of the LED 12, light Source: light-emitting Diode-an ideal, efficient electronic light source, it can directly convert electrical energy into light source.