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Analysis Of Application Status Of Wearable Explosion-proof Illumination Lamp
Mar 12, 2018

The basic protective equipment of the fire personnel's single work illumination, the quantity and quality of the wearing explosion-proof lighting reflect the economic strength, the level of scientific and technological development, the level of development of fire equipment and the strength of fire fighting power.

With the development of economy, the difficulty of fire fighting is increasing, the people's demand for fire safety is more and more high, it is more necessary to study and analyze the production and development of the wear-proof lighting in our country.

The current world new light source and the new energy illumination profession is at the high speed development stage, with the new light source and new energy lighting products technology constantly updated and progress, new light source and new energy lighting will replace the traditional light source and traditional energy in the lighting industry to be popularized, which will bring the wearing of explosion-proof lighting brings innovative opportunities and challenges. No uniform industry standard for wearing explosion-proof lamps.

China's wear-type explosion-proof lighting mainly from the manufacturer's product parameters, fire units can only passively accept manufacturers to give products, can not meet their own needs. Product innovation ability is weak. Enterprise technology design and process design of less personnel, low education, level is not high, lack of experience.

Engaged in the design of a new type of wear explosion-proof lighting professional and technical personnel, especially with rich performance of the senior research and design staff, can independently complete the overall design of the talent is rare, even some enterprises have no design capability, no process documents, production "divert", resulting in a long cycle of new product development The processing way is backward, the equipment is simple, the component quality consistency control is very difficult.

Some wear-type explosion-proof lighting enterprises, production workers low technology, poor skills, usually lack of normal, healthy training channels, can only Master Apprentice's original simple way of imparting skills. Some enterprises have simple production equipment, technical renovation measures seriously lag, there is no dedicated production equipment and molds, but by hand-beat patchwork. Some production technical documents are not complete, quality supervision and management means is not sound, the production of parts quality is not guaranteed.

There are still some wearing-type explosion-proof lighting enterprises in the design is basically still in imitation of the low-level stage, forming a "first-class enterprise imitation foreign products, second-rate enterprises imitation domestic counterparts" embarrassing situation.

At present, most of the wear-proof lighting lamps have been used high-power LED light source, led belongs to solid-state cold light source, with a high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small heat, small power consumption, the work voltage is a safe and low voltage, long life and other advantages, is wearing an explosion-proof lighting a very ideal electric

At the same time, the high price of LED products is a barrier to popularization, accompanied by the continuous development of LED light source technology, will reduce the wearing of explosion-proof lighting production costs; The new generation of lithium-ion battery has a large increase in capacity, charge-discharge characteristics, safety, operating temperature range, cycle life and environmental protection performance, and will give a more durable and reliable power supply to wear-proof lighting.