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Brief Overview Of Ship Lighting System
Mar 13, 2018

Ship lighting usually include to ensure navigation safety, and security lighting (such as navigation lights, lights, launching the area light), ship workplace lighting (such as bridge, engine room and deck cargo lighting) area light and life, etc.

Classification of Marine lighting systems.

Ship lighting can be classified according to its function.

(1) indoor lighting: the main body lighting of the cabin; Local auxiliary lighting; Entertainment and beautifying atmosphere lighting;

(2) outdoor lighting: outdoor channel lighting; Outdoor working lighting (deck lighting);

(3) searchlights and projection lights;

(4) navigation lights.

The following classification can also be made according to the power supply mode:

(1) normal lighting (main power supply of ship)

(2) emergency lighting (emergency power supply); The emergency lighting power supply can be divided into: emergency generator power supply, battery power supply.

(3) temporary emergency lighting (commonly known as small emergency lighting; Battery power supply for half an hour)

(4) navigation lights (normal and emergency power supply)

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