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Development History Of Searchlight
Mar 13, 2018

In the 19th century, searchlights began to be used for military purposes, and both naval ships used searchlights to search for enemy mineboats at night. The searchlights are also common in coastal defence positions and air defence units. For the first time, gen. J.F.C. Fuller used a searchlight to create what is known as "artificial moonlight" to assist in the night battle, and the same tactics were used in the second world war. During the second world war, searchlights were heavily used against enemy night air strikes. The anti-aircraft artillery use two searchlight at the same time, by the searchlight elevation Angle can be calculated by trigonometric function, the enemy bombers really high, and then to set the anti-aircraft fuse, maximum effect.

The searchlight can also cause considerable disruption to the use of an optical bombsight. Ge made during the period of world war ii the searchlight using gyro ceremony of lighting fixtures, 152.4 cm in diameter rhodium plated disc of concave mirrors, the peak output of 800 million caterpillar carbon arc light source, a dedicated 15 kw generator, according to 45 to 56 kilometers from to effectively. Because of the development of electronic surveillance technology, the military use of searchlights is decreasing. Later, most of them were used for advertising, such as the promotion of car dealers and the premiere of films. Today's searchlight is also in the industrial sector, mainly used in power, metallurgy, oil field, petrochemical, public security, fire fighting, military, railway and other industries such as large factories and sports fields.