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Functional Requirements For Emergency Lighting And Associated Water Working Lights
Mar 12, 2018

People engaged in marine operations and underwater operations often handle emergencies at night, and it is particularly important to maintain the lighting effect and durability of the work site.

What about the choice of marine and underwater emergency lights? Generally pay attention to these items: first, the waterproof lamp, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof performance, to ensure the reliability and safety of the lamps used, to avoid two disasters; Secondly, the lighting durability of lamps and lanterns, due to the sudden and uncertain work, the length of their work lighting can not be accurately judged, only to extend the lighting time of lamps,

Sufficient to deal with emergency lighting needs; third, the multi-purpose and multi-functional lamps, sea vessels and offshore platforms, space is relatively small, the storage of materials should be extremely reasonable, to avoid fear of storage space, ' one lamp multi-purpose ' efficient lighting is the best choice.

Below for everyone to talk about the sea and underwater operations are often used in several lighting equipment:

Portable explosion-proof searchlight 1, br3600a hand-held explosion-proof searchlight, supporting the underwater 100 meters depth of operation required, excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof performance, hand-held, shoulder and other lighting methods, flexible, lighting can be up to 8-16 hours long.

Can be used as a signal light.

Solid-State explosion-proof dimming torch 2, br3100a solid-state explosion-proof dimming torch, supporting the underwater 100 meters depth of the operation required, the same excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof performance, lightweight and portable, flexible and versatile, lighting for up to 8-16 hours.

Can be used as a signal light.

Miniature explosion-proof headlights 3, br2800b micro-explosion-proof headlights, small and lightweight, can be used with work helmets, can also be directly worn on the head to use, to facilitate the operation during the release, and the need for lighting in the case of use.

The whole lamp weighs only 105 grams, and does not feel weight on the head.

Portable Multifunctional Strong light

4, br7100b portable multi-functional strong light, wide range of uses, the lamp can be adjusted angle, and with strong magnetic absorption, can be in any metal plane adsorption, but also an explosion-proof performance of the lamp.

Explosion-proof floodlight working light

5, BR6100 Explosion-proof floodlight working light, light brightness is very high, lighting range and distance are very large, can be used for a wide range of lighting needs, 5-6 of people's night work, only this one lamp is enough.

Multifunction Pocket Signal Light

6, BR2220 multi-function pocket lights, veritable, this is a set of red, yellow, green, white four-color signal light flashlight, peacetime can be used for general lighting use, in case of special conditions, can also be used as signal lights (warning, azimuth Display, Shang).

Hand-operated charging inspection work light

7, br2300a hand-type charging inspection work lights, this lamp has four special places: 1, lighting angle can be adjusted 2, with a buckle, can not be used in belts or other braces, 3, the installation of manual power Plant for the lamp itself charging, 4, with a camera, mobile phone and other electronic devices charging USB interface.

Multifunction remote control searchlight, remote search light 8, br5200a multi-function remote Control searchlight/Remote search lights, 50 meters range through the remote control lamp can be controlled by the angle adjustment and weak light control, 35w/50w Xenon bulb selection, the light is very far away, brightness and high, the bottom design has strong magnetic absorption function, can be adsorbed on any metal surface,

Avoid complex installations.

Omni-directional automatic lifting work lamp 9, zr5800a omni-directional automatic lifting work lights, a combination of gasoline generator lighting, lamp can be raised to 4.5 meters, light directly from the down irradiation, can cover diameters up to 100 meters. 4 500W High-power light bulbs that can shine like daylight during the night.

The dc220v current is connected with the plug and is convenient for use in various electronic appliances. Functional requirements for emergency lighting and associated water working lights at sea