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Global Ship Suppliers Focus On China Market
Mar 12, 2018

Ship supporting industry is an important part of China's shipbuilding industry and an important factor affecting the comprehensive strength of shipbuilding industry. The level of China's ship supporting industry lags behind, which seriously restricts the improvement of international competitiveness of shipbuilding industry. Especially in the new century, with the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry, ship matching problems become increasingly serious and prominent.

The future of the development of China's shipbuilding industry is briefly introduced.

(l) increased competition in domestic ship matching markets After the financial crisis, the international large-scale supporting enterprises (group) will focus on China's shipping market, especially in Japan, Korea as the most, for this point domestic marine low-speed machine production enterprises have a deep experience. According to the projections of the international shipbuilding industry, "Twelve-Five" while the world's new shipbuilding market will resume growth, but the ship will remain low, the city of nearly two or three years is still in the adjustment period, turnover and ship prices will not be a big increase, the lack of demand will lead to ship matching industry demand decline. "

It can be foreseen that the future of China's international large-scale supporting enterprises (group) will increase, domestic ship matching market competition will intensify.

(2) The comparative advantage of domestic enterprises is gradually weakened

With the continuous improvement of labor costs in China, RMB foreign exchange rate appreciation, internal devaluation, the original comparative advantage of China's supporting enterprises will be gradually weakened, which makes the development of domestic supporting enterprises more difficult.

(3) Adjustment of industrial structure is unavoidable

On the one hand, the domestic supporting industry low-level duplication construction serious, the industry concentration is low, independent innovation ability is not strong; On the other hand, the domestic supporting development environment is increasingly grim, with the State Council issued "the State Council on the promotion of corporate mergers and acquisitions" and the future domestic supporting market competition increasingly fierce, domestic

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