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LED Application Field
Mar 13, 2018

LED applications are very wide, including communications, consumer electronics, automobiles, lighting, signal lights, can be broadly differentiated as backlight, lighting, electronic equipment, display, car, such as the five major areas. 1, automotive parts: The use of automotive components including the instrument panel, speakers and other indicators, and the outside of the car (third brake lights, left and right taillights, directional lights, etc.), the current European series of vehicles including Audi, BMW, Foss and other brands full range of high brightness LED, and the depot, Toyota has also taken the lead in replacing the panel's backlight with high-brightness LEDs, and other new cars are being used. If coupled with headlights, brake lights, traffic signs, and traffic-related market, business opportunities are very large.

In the traffic sign light market, there are about 200,000 traffic sign lights around the world, if 200,000 seats are updated annually, the business opportunities can be extended for 10 years. 2, backlight parts: mainly mobile phone backlight source, SMD products are the largest application of the market. Although the growth rate of mobile phone in recent two years has obviously slowed down, but there are still 400 million standards throughout the year, to 1 mobile phones to the LED backlight 2, key 6 SMD led meter, a year conservative 400 million mobile phone demand about 3.2 billion LEDs. After Blu-ray mobile phone, the current market is a color mobile phone world.

In the past, color mobile phone is very high-end products, but this year, the main 0 component price decline, making the colour screen mobile phone and monochrome mobile phone price difference narrowing, coupled with the strong promotion of manufacturers, mobile phone change of the tide quietly occurs. 3, LED display screen as a new display media, with the rapid development of large scale integrated circuit and computer technology, it has been developed rapidly, compared with the traditional display media-colorful neon, pixel tube TV wall, four-color magnetic flip board, with its high brightness, dynamic image display effect, low fault, less energy consumption,

Long service life, a variety of display content, rich display, high performance and price advantages, has been widely used in various industries. 4, electronic equipment and lighting LED to its low power consumption, small size, long life characteristics, has become a variety of electronic equipment indicators of choice, the current almost all electronic equipment have LED figure. LED Lighting has gradually developed to the initial stage of commercialization, only in the service life and price there is still room for improvement. According to manufacturer forecasts, the fastest in 204 years, white LED light-emitting efficiency can be achieved with the same 60lm/w 20W fluorescent tubes, and in 201 years to lm/w, enough to replace the 40W fluorescent tubes. And the rapid decline in the price of white light LED application surface quickly grow, but the future is the most promising to replace the incandescent tungsten bubble and fluorescent light white LED.