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Overview Of LED Market Development
Mar 13, 2018

Leds can be divided into visible light (450 ~ 78 nm) and invisible light, brightness in the visible part of the traditional product is mature product, production is big, but because of the low price value is not high, compound annual growth rate is only 10%; High brightness LED is the current mainstream product, mainly used in large kanban, traffic signs, backlight, automobile third brake lights. The more mature AlGaInP(red, orange and yellow light) is widely used, and the patent issue is not big. The price is close to the traditional brightness, and the application field is huge. At present, the most popular products are GaInN (blue and green) products. In recent years, demand has been strong in the mobile phone trend of blue back light source. GaInN + phosphor powder (white) is mainly used in lighting, due to the breakthrough blu-ray global companies have to white light lighting research and development, combined with full-color mobile phone popular recently, make the white light back light hot, if there is progress, future technology will gradually replace the general lighting market, has a huge business opportunities.

In terms of invisible light, mainly used in the infrared (850 ~ 9 nm) and optical communication (850 ~ 1 nm) field, because the input is higher, technical difficulty is big, the price of the product and the gross profit margin is better also, the market is the United States, Japan, Europe and other large broken situation.

According to the forecast of Strategies Unlimited, the world's visible LED production value in 198 was the highest with $1.04 billion and 54.1%. The second is Taiwan's 346 million dollar and 18 percent share, with the U.S. ranking third with 16.5 percent and 318 million U.S. dollars. Europe has $200m in output and 10.4%.