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Principle Of Searchlight
Mar 13, 2018

A searchlight is a device that has a powerful light source and a concave that can focus light on a specific direction, considering the volume, weight, and ease of operation of the device, most of which have a tripod or movable vehicle, and a large searchlight even has a dedicated truck as its vehicle.

The light beam is concentrated in a small three-dimensional angle by means of a mirror or a lens, thus obtaining a larger luminous lamp. The International Lighting Commission stipulates that the searchlight is the half peak angle of the ejection beam (the angle between the maximum light intensity and the 50% maximum light intensity) is less than 2 °c in a plane through the maximum light intensity. Around 1870, the world appeared with a carbon-arc lamp as the light source of the searchlight.

During the Second World War, searchlights were used mainly for anti-aircraft attacks at night. Modern searchlights are mainly used for ship navigation (such as ship searchlights) and signal signs. Type of searchlight according to the light source divided by the general halogen tungsten lamp as the light source, but also with ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, ultra-high pressure xenon lamp and LE D as the light source. At present the main and most recent light source is LED. According to the structure of the design can be divided into hand-held searchlights, portable searchlights, remote control searchlights, Mobile searchlight, stationary searchlight. According to the function of the explosion-proof searchlight and not explosion-proof searchlights.