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Switching Power Supply To Digital Management Technology Upgrade
Mar 13, 2018

In recent years, digital control technology has been developed rapidly in power supply, and a variety of modern control methods which are difficult to realize in analog circuits have been applied to power supply control. With the development of DSP of digital signal processor, the digital switching power supply can achieve high switching frequency. Compared with the analog system, the digital system has the advantages of short design period, flexible and changeable, easy to realize modular management, and can eliminate the instability caused by discrete components and electromagnetic interference.

Therefore, the digital power supply in the high-precision power supply more and more widely used, become a modern power technology development of an important direction. Digital signal Processor (DSP) or microcontroller (MCU) as the core, the digital power supply driver, PWM controller, etc. as the control object, can realize the control, management and monitoring functions of power products. It is by setting the internal parameters of the switching power supply to change its external characteristics, and "power control" based on the increase of "power management." The so-called power management refers to the power supply effectively allocated to the different components of the system to minimize loss.

Digital power management (such as power ordering) must be in full use of digital technology. Compared with the traditional analog power supply, the main difference of digital power supply is the control and communication part.

In applications that are simple to use and require few parameter changes, analog power products more advantages, because its application can be targeted through the hardware curing to achieve, and in more controllable factors, real-time response faster, the need for multiple analog system power management, complex high-performance system applications, digital power supply has advantages. In addition, in the complex system business, relative to analog power, digital power is through software programming to achieve a wide range of applications, its scalability and re-use so that users can easily change the working parameters, optimize the power system. Through real-time overcurrent protection and management, it can also reduce the number of peripheral devices.