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The Export Pressure Of LED Lamps In China Is Huge
Mar 13, 2018

China's LED export has a large share in the world market, especially in recent years, it has been increasing year by year. According to the survey, China has the absolute advantage of low price of raw materials and labor, which is the main place for purchasing LED products from all over the world. Currently, the only countries that can compete with China's LED exports are the United States, Japan, etc. With the continuous expansion of the global LED promotion scope, the market competition is becoming more and more heated.

At present, China's LED export status, there are still a lot of worries. There is still a wide gap between China's export LED products and developed countries. China's LED has always been an advantage in product packaging, but it still lags far behind developed countries such as Europe and the us in product development and chip manufacturing. International LED high-end products are produced in Taiwan and Japan, Europe and America. In our country, enterprises in the pearl river delta area, for example, many small and medium enterprises can only mass production rainbow tube and other products, even there are a lot of enterprise is unable to produce products that meet the Europe and the United States and other developed countries certification, can only be shipped to Africa, India, Arabia and backward countries and regions, with a low price advantage to obtain the profits. This is clearly not in line with international development trends. In addition, export the competition between the industry, leading to heavy discounting the malignant competition, product quality is not assured, face a lot of quality loss, a significant decline in exports reputation, it also brought great pressure for LED export.